The Entrepreneurs

Stories behind the food we love.
tiny pies 6 pack

Tiny Pies Are Big Business in Texas

By Nicolette Degrassi

A son’s request for something sweet for his lunchbox got Amanda Wadsworth re-thinking pies. Five stores later, she and her baking partner/mother are running a Texas-based business.

leslie and leann jones

Wine and Community in Inglewood, California

By Allanah Dykes

Missing good food and wine in their southern California neighborhood, two sisters start their own place, with an emphasis on supporting Black-owned wines.

catherine and rick topel

From Yacht Captain to Pig Farmer: Living the Dream

By LA Bourgeois

Many a soul lays claim to one meal changing their lives. For this couple, a grilled pork chop did the trick and landed them on a farm in North Carolina.

hot sauce with ingredients

A Young Nashville Hot Sauce Company is Just Heating Up

By Marc Cuenco

Home-brewed and colleague-tested, Chris Hinson is seeing bold results with his hot sauce start-up, InChrees the Heat

hardins in their truck

Thinking Outside the (Lunch) Box in Seattle

By Marc Cuenco

This apartment pop-up had people following their noses to the smell of good food. That led to a husband-and-wife sandwich-based food truck.

kristen and theresa

Edible Flowers Make for Delicious Business

By Sarah Strong

These Colorado neighbors weren’t planning on becoming business partners, but they landed on a unique product that they thought the world would fall in love with.

breadless team

Who Needs Bread? Not this Detroit-Based Sandwich Shop!

By Elizabeth Hazard

Breadless is out to prove that a sandwich can still be just as delicious and fulfilling without the carbs.

scott kaylin

Solving a ‘Dill-emma’ with a West Coast Pickle

By Nicolette Degrassi

You can take the New Yorker out of New York, but you can’t take away his pickles. So this transplant started his own business.

mazeltea team

Jewish Humor Steeped in Tea Bags

By Sophie Claman

A search for the perfect mother-in-law gift inspired Allan Schulman to create Mazeltea, a kosher tea company heavy on the Jewish humor