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stuntpig truck

Stuntpig is Serving Up Real Deal Sandwiches in Pittsburgh

By Sarah Strong

The duo behind this food truck went from unemployed to full-bore business owners serving up crazy popular sandwiches in Pittsburgh.

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bold palate dressings

Going Bold and Healthy with Salad Dressings

By Elizabeth Hazard

Salad fanatic Kate Mann discovered that the dressings she was using were as caloric as eating a cheeseburger. She started up a company to fix that.

dave at the bakery

A Half-Baked Idea Turns into a Full-Time Business

By Hannah Sarraf

Dave Maffei created the perfect cookies. The only issue? They were too big. So, his wife Heather cut them in half and Halfsies was born.

michael silverstein holding cake

Q & A with Chef Michael Silverstein

By Elizabeth Hazard

He’s conquered the Keto Diet, gone head-to-head with Gordon Ramsey and found a way to “Keto-fy” his mom’s brisket. What’s next for MasterChef personality Michael Silverstein?

chris weber holding a popsicle

Popsicles in Minneapolis? Why Not

By Stacy Brooks

Moving their business from a street cart to a brick & mortar store proved to be a splash of genius for this couple, who traffic in creatively flavored ice pops like grapefruit carrot and strawberry balsamic basil.

tasting collective membership card and salad with oranges

Welcome to A New Way to Dine

By Elizabeth Hazard

Nat Gelb understands the need for connection. He also has a deep passion for food. Put the two together and you have the Tasting Collective, a private membership community for food lovers.

beatrice wolnerman

Squeezing Lemons Turned Out to be More Fruitful than Imagined

By Elizabeth Hazard

What started as a summer pop-up on a Detroit pedestrian path has turned into a thriving lemonade business called Bea’s Squeeze.

brad with a bagel spread

Bagel + Slice Combines New York’s Best – in LA!

By Sarah Strong

LA’s Bagel+Slice aims to make New York street foods accessible and affordable with a focus on artisanal techniques and regenerative organic ingredients.

w Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald with jerky

This Woman-Owned Business is Making Beef Jerky with Love and Pride

By Nicolette Degrassi

What started as a hobby turned into a business. Meet the “two chicks” behind California-based Two Chicks Beef Jerky.

aria and maya baking cookies

Double the Goodness from Twins who Cook

By Sarah Strong

Proclaiming “sugar as their best friend,” these twin sisters from New York took their pandemic cooking to a new level by starting a cookie business.

root crafted mixer, shaker and cocktail

Two Moms, a Cocktail Shaker and a Dream

By Nicolette Degrassi

These Pennsylvania friends, mothers and neighbors concocted a line of organic mixers designed to create the perfect drink