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ashley craft

This Theme Park Maven Turned Her Passion into Words

By Elizabeth Hazard

A new cookbook devoted to theme park food? Why yes, and there’s even a recipe for a corn dog!

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megan klein

Plant-Based Mocktails that Take the Edge Off? Cheers to That!

By LA Bourgeois

A wellness practitioner teams up with a “badass female scientist” to create a drinking alternative.

kevin finch

Big Table Makes a Big Difference for Hospitality Workers in Crisis

By Nina Derwin

The hospitality industry got hit hard during the pandemic. Big Table Nashville (and beyond) aims to alleviate worker worries.

karen hertz

Gluten-Free Beer at Your Next Tailgate? Why Not?

By Nicolette Degrassi

With a challenging medical history, this beer maven started a brewery to find a beer she could safely enjoy.

Allie Levy

This Dartmouth Grad Turned Her Passion Into A Career

By Ken Carlton

What says holiday season better than a cozy bookstore. Still North Books & Bar is a must-stop-and-browse venue in downtown Hanover, NH. Its owner holds forth on good lit and nearby eats.

nayana ferguson

The Spirit Behind Anteel Tequila

By Allanah Dykes

This Black-owned tequila company was born out of need and rooted in innovation.

Pairings: Making Magic With Music And Wine

By Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro

A rock star drummer and world class vintner combine forces to create a wine that tells a story. And gives back in the same breath.

lan pham

A New Canned Coffee That Celebrates Vietnam

By Hailey Wilson

Sang draws on the culture and flavors of the second largest coffee producer in the world.

Humberto Raygoza

Living the American Dream, and Its Name is Chorizo

By Marc Cuenco

A love for family, food and culture led Huberto Raygoza to create his booming LA business, The Chori-Man.

philip korshak

A Philly Bagel Master Holds Forth on Love and Dough

By Nina Derwin

A bagel called Gemini. A yeast starter named Helen Mirren. There’s a lot of great storytelling going on at Korshak Bagels.

Luke Schneider and Jason Patton

A Coffee Fix for a Worthy Cause

By Marc Cuenco

A retired firefighter brewed up Fire Dept. Coffee. Now he’s a caffeine expert and giving back to his Illinois community.