reviewing for beyondish is super easy

  1. 150 Words Max! Just a handful of sentences to describe the dish.
  2. Have fun! Go crazy. Like telling a best friend you must try this!
  3. Describe with love. Ingredients. Prep. That secret sauce! Make our mouths water.
  4. No pic, no worries. Send your best shot and we'll make it work.
  5. Click HERE for a sample. Or create your own voice! We can't wait to see.


Do I need to be a food reviewer to write for Beyondish?

Absolutely not! Your words and style are what we crave.

My city is not on your list? Can I do a review, anyway?

Yep. There's a space on the form to add a new city. And if your review is from a nearby town to a Beyondish "Pick City," we'll list it there. 

What if I didn't get a great pic?

Our photo editor will touch it up, or we'll have the restaurant send one. 

What about my Bio and Links?

You be you! A sentence or two that boasts about your favorite things. And there's a space on the form for your social and/or professional links.

Does Beyondish have an Instagram?

Heck yeah! Click HERE and follow. Your reviews will get featured there. We post 4 or 5 times a week and we make noise about it in our Newsletter. 

Can I do more than one review?

You can do a whole city! Beyondish is for people who love food. If you think a dish is worthy, we do too! And we will broadcast your review loud and far!

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