Amanda Mactas is a NYC-based food, travel and lifestyle writer. She is currently the Food & Travel Editor at Bella Magazine and has written for publications such as PureWow, Wine4Food and The Daily Meal

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Reinvent the Crunchwrap Supreme? That Calls for a Pro.

This San Antonio-based chef and James Beard Award nominee was selected to give the Taco Bell classic a makeover.
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From Rapper to Chef, Lyrics Born Plays on

With Dinner in Place wracking up 2 million views, crossover hit seems an apt description.
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This Drink Sparkles in More Ways Than One

Tejas Tonic is a seltzer like no other. It is definitely not your parents’ cannabis.
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Not Your Grandma’s Jam

This Massachusetts creator has come up with a line of spreads that go with a lot more than scones.

“This is me!” Real Talk with Austin Chef Amanda Turner

From cooking to overcoming adversity, Chef Amanda Turner of Austin’s Olamaie isn’t afraid to speak her mind. 

Butter? Who Knew? A Q & A with The Buttermonger

Craft butter maker, aficionado and cookbook author Sheana Davis takes us on a tour rich with flavor.

Q & A With a Cookie Decorating Expert

Amber Spiegel, aka SweetAmbs, has turned the art of cookie design into a delicious (and viral) sensation.  
fresh victor lineup

Mixing It Up with Fresh Victor

Leave the craft cocktailing to the bartender. These mixers are the life of the party.

St. George Spirits Offers ‘A Story in a Glass’

A former nuclear engineer shifts his technical expertise to the running of a distillery.