Chef Q&A

Stories behind the food we love.

Reinvent the Crunchwrap Supreme? That Calls for a Pro.

By Amanda Mactas

This San Antonio-based chef and James Beard Award nominee was selected to give the Taco Bell classic a makeover.

Pastry with a View: Meet Jamie Welsh of The Coastguard House

By Nicolette Degrassi

Lots of kids played make-believe with their Easy-Bake Oven. This one turned it into an early career move.

Artisanal Doughnuts with a Mexican Twist

By Marc Cuenco

Chef Fany Gerson brings her cultural culinary influences to Brooklyn-based Fan Fan Doughnuts.

From Rapper to Chef, Lyrics Born Plays on

By Amanda Mactas

With Dinner in Place wracking up 2 million views, crossover hit seems an apt description.

Bringing the Memphis Smoke to Atlanta Cooking

By Allanah Dykes

After a kidney transplant, Chef Darryl Taylor turned to a keto lifestyle, and joined the smoking foods movement.

This Texas Chef Is Paying Students to Attend His New Culinary School

By Shelby Kearns

San Antonio’s Brian West is turning his industry on its head at West Point Culinary School.

Tastemade’s “The Curious Chef” returns with Stephanie Izard

By Elizabeth Hazard

Go underground in the LA food scene with this James Beard Award winning chef.

Bollywood Meets Hollywood at Baar Baar LA

By Marc Cuenco

Chef Sujan Sarkar has taken his native cuisine to another level with his New Indian gastro bar.

Bourbon 101: A New Tome On An Old Favorite

By Elizabeth Hazard

Chef and author Albert W.A. Schmid leads the way through Kentucky and beyond.