amani and chima

Caramel Flavored Whiskey? Slàinte.

A crazy idea over a round of shots leads to a new take on an old standby and the start of a budding business.
Hilary Cocalis

The Story Behind the “Can-Do” Spirit at a Black-Owned Wine Start-Up

“Just one glass of really good wine” was the a-ha moment this mom needed to start her canned wine company, Sipwell.
leslie and leann jones

Wine and Community in Inglewood, California

Missing good food and wine in their southern California neighborhood, two sisters start their own place, with an emphasis on supporting Black-owned wines.
Jeff Yoskowitz _ Zach Ranen

From Finance To Cookies: This Wharton Grad Turned his Eye Toward the Dough

Business Solutions 101: When you can’t stop thinking about dessert, found a company with a healthier alternative.
Niki With Beeline Bagels Cart

Beeline Bagels Puts the NY in These Atlanta Bagels

Raised on New York’s finest, Niki Hetchkop brought the recipes from Brooklyn and put them on a rolling Atlanta cart.