The Entrepreneurs

Stories behind the food we love.
David and Kerry

Boozy Balls Serves Up Cookies with a Kick

By LA Bourgeois

This retired military couple invented their next chapter from their pantry and the bar. It now ships to 45 states.

nari and aldo

A Marriage of Korean and Mexican Flavors Set This San Antonio Bakery Apart

By Sarah Strong

Nari Hodges and Aldo Cortes put their heritage and love for sweets to work at Ooyoo Pan, where Korea meets Mexico in a culinary surprise.

Niki With Beeline Bagels Cart

Beeline Bagels Puts the NY in These Atlanta Bagels

By Allanah Dykes

Raised on New York’s finest, Niki Hetchkop brought the recipes from Brooklyn and put them on a rolling Atlanta cart.

hana and nile

Take the Pilgrimage to Holey Grail Donuts

By Breanna Rose

Long waits, live DJs and a sacred ingredient: This is the story behind the brother-and-sister owned donut-pleasing empire.

chocolate ice cream

Cold Comfort from a James Beard Nominee

By Karen Watterson

A pandemic-thwarted baker turns to ice cream, using her culinary chops to create wild flavors at a Maine lakeside shack.

cam and hayley

Honeymoon Chocolates Is a Labor of Love

By Marc Cuenco

A college romance, a dorm kitchen and a box of cocoa nibs. Sweet beginnings for Missouri’s Honeymoon Chocolates.

Seasoned Delicious Foods - Relishes

Healing with Spices at Seasoned Delicious Foods

By Juan Diasgranados

A cardiac care nurse pivots to create healthy spices and sauces with a taste of the Caribbean in Ulster County, New York.

misha's cheeses

A Plant-Based Cheese Is Taking Los Angeles by Storm

By Hannah Sarraf

After years in the music business, Aaron Bullock and Ian Martin founded Misha’s Kind Foods, where charity and vegan cheese are more in tune with their passions.

Heather Jansz

Meet Minnesota’s Curry Diva. She Sings, too.

By Mia Salas

Heather Jansz has taken her passion for Sri Lankan cooking to the next level with pop-up “Diva dinners.” And if you’re lucky, that comes with a song.