The Entrepreneurs

Stories behind the food we love.

Trap Fruit Candy: A Dream Come true

By Ashley Archambault

Social media craze “crack fruit” helped this Charlotte, NC family launch their business.

This Drink Sparkles in More Ways Than One

By Amanda Mactas

Tejas Tonic is a seltzer like no other. It is definitely not your parents’ cannabis.

OMG Pretzels: A Family Affair

By Elizabeth Hazard

This mother-daughter duo turned a favorite family snack into a pretzel business. Garlic was involved.

Putting the Healthy in Frozen

By Elizabeth Hazard

Fire Ox Foods is on a mission to elevate the healthy frozen foods business with vegetables from around the world.

Making the World a Little Bit Better, One Pop at a Time

By Stacy Brooks

Minnesota-based JonnyPops serves up a message of kindness with every frozen treat.

All Good In Virginia Beach

By LA Bourgeois

This beer brewer turned his leftover grains into a granola bar emporium.

Fueling Women’s Wellness One Bite at a Time

By Nicolette Degrassi

Agni co-founders are on a mission to make wellness as taste-worthy as it is healthy.

This Lawyer-Turned-Baker Followed Her Sweet Dreams

By Ashley Archambault

At the urging of her daughters, Daphne Subar launched a biscotti business.

One Stop Shopping for Pizza and Sushi? Why Not?

By Stacy Brooks

Pizzeria Maki in Greenville, Delaware brings together two beloved flavor propositions under one roof.