The Entrepreneurs

Stories behind the food we love.
Modern Waffle

Waffles and Lobsters? Who Knew?

By Allanah Dykes

A food service veteran and his Pastor Mom bring a slew of new flavors to the Omaha food truck scene.

Saltery Offers a Pinch of the Sea

By Elizabeth Hazard

From the markets of Paris to the sea air of Massachusetts, these salty dreams became a flavorful business.

Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

This Black-owned Bakery Recreates Plant-based Southern Classics 

By Nicolette Degrassi

A Netflix documentary changed the lives of this San Antonio couple, now owners of Southern Roots Vegan Bakery.

These Cookies Send a Message

By LA Bourgeois

This former engineer applied his science background to a French childhood treat. The result was a start-up cookie company with a unique twist.

Bringing the New Bubbly to Louisville

By Nicolette Degrassi

A neurologist and a businessman open a bar. And that’s no joke.

Mushrooms in Tea? It’s Working at Immorel

By LA Bourgeois

To wean themselves from caffeine, these founders turned to mushrooms for that added boost.

There’s a Lot of Pride Behind DV8

By LA Bourgeois

Creative libations becomes a friendly house party for the queer community in Boulder.

Mushroom Chocolates for Healthy Living? Sure, Sign Us Up.

By Ashley Archambault

Take a former pharmaceuticals expert and a student of food science and you get Alice Mushrooms, a new chocolate company devoted to feeling good.

Matzo: A Summer Camp Love Story

By Sarah Strong

Two childhood camp friends fished around for their culinary inspiration until unleavened bread became the palette for their dreams.