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karen hertz

Gluten-Free Beer at Your Next Tailgate? Why Not?

With a challenging medical history, this beer maven started a brewery to find a beer she could safely enjoy.
wilson and harlow

Kentucky Fried Buttermilk Chicken Doughnut, Anyone?

Take career blahs, mix with BFF inspiration and just add wheels. Hello Louisville. Bring on the sweets. And then some.
assorted puffworks

Puffworks Tackles Healthy Snacking and Food Allergy Prevention

Like peanut butter but worried about peanut allergies for your kids? This company takes on the challenge.
tiny pies 6 pack

Tiny Pies Are Big Business in Texas

A son’s request for something sweet for his lunchbox got Amanda Wadsworth re-thinking pies. Five stores later, she and her baking partner/mother are running a Texas-based business.
scott kaylin

Solving a ‘Dill-emma’ with a West Coast Pickle

You can take the New Yorker out of New York, but you can’t take away his pickles. So this transplant started his own business.
Signature Kinsey Cake

A New Late-Night Dining Spot Creates a Buzz in Charleston

The Honey Hive is giving two thumbs up to “gladrag wearing, champagne drinking and table dancing merriment.”
arctic dog truck

Commerce Before College Prep; This Guy is Beefing Up His Application

He may not have a driver’s license (yet!), but this New Jersey high schooler is checking off a lot of boxes with his own food truck.
bowl of dumplings on a blue background

From Supper Club to Dumplings; This New Business Sings

When their supper club plans fizzled due to the pandemic, Richard Lee and Claire Guyer got cooking – with dumplings – and have not looked back.
w Shannon Ronan and Breelyn MacDonald with jerky

This Woman-Owned Business is Making Beef Jerky with Love and Pride

What started as a hobby turned into a business. Meet the “two chicks” behind California-based Two Chicks Beef Jerky.