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Spirited Hive is One Honey of an Idea


A sweet twist of fate sparked the creation of Spirited Hive, a brand redefining the canned cocktail scene. Founder Jack Espy, a USC graduate aspiring to excel in real estate, faced an unexpected turn when a job offer disappeared due to the COVID pandemic. Little did he know this setback would spark a venture into the world of mixology, thus creating Spirited Hive and its buzzworthy line of honey-infused craft cocktails.

During the COVID lockdown, Espy found solace in concocting quarantine cocktails for his close-knit group of friends, affectionately known as “the Hive.” As he experimented with classic recipes like Moscow and Mexican Mules, a happy accident led to the creation of “Mint Bee” – a refreshing blend of mint and honey. “I mistakenly thought Moscow Mules had honey in them,” Espy recalls, “but my friends quickly corrected me, sparking an idea.” Spirited Hive was born upon the foundation of crafting canned cocktails all sweetened naturally with honey.

Officially launched in Nashville, Tennessee in May 2022, the brand is committed to providing a healthier alternative in the cocktail market, catering to those who prioritize their well-being without compromising good taste. Additionally, Spirited Hive’s commitment to its community lies at the heart of the company, aiming to cultivate connections and a feeling of belonging among its consumers.

“I am all about health, and honey is a natural sweetener,” Espy explains. “I figured why not offer something for those who care about what they consume?” On top of that, innovation is always on the Spirited Hive menu. When developing new flavors, the team takes a seasonal approach by meticulously crafting flavors that capture the essence of each season. With a dedication to quality and taste, every new concoction undergoes extensive testing until it reaches the perfect flavor profile.

Spirited Hive offers packs of individual flavors – featuring spirits like tequila, gin, bourbon, and vodka – and variety packs. Among their lineup of cocktails, fan favorites include a refreshing twist on the Tom Collins featuring gin, lemon, juniper berry and honey, as well as their take on the Cosmopolitan, which is infused with vodka, lime and honey.

To create a buzz about Spirited Hive, the brand actively participates in events within the health and wellness community. “The Hive community is the heart and soul of Spirited Hive,” explains Espy. “Our events aren’t just about drinks; they’re about bringing people together.” This year, they plan to launch the Hive Athlete program, where athletes will promote the brand on social media. Additionally, tastings at their various retail locations have served as a key strategy to introduce customers to new flavors.

Customers can buy Spirited Hive products online through their website and at various retail locations in Tennessee, New York, Florida and Michigan. As for what’s in store for the future, Spirited Hive envisions growth and expansion, with a focus on new flavors and markets, coupled with the launch of their sister brand, Strive, focused on offering better-for-you drinks.


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