Marc Cuenco is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer with over 10 years of experience covering pop culture, food, fashion and lifestyle. A healthcare professional by day, Marc spends his free time taking photos of his puppy Chandler and exploring L.A.’s diverse food scene.

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Cellar Hand: Where Art & Food Collide in San Diego

Three artists create harmony in this unique SoCal dining space.
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Artisanal Doughnuts with a Mexican Twist

Chef Fany Gerson brings her cultural culinary influences to Brooklyn-based Fan Fan Doughnuts.
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Cake Monstah is a Wicked Good Friend to Boston

This Massachusets native is cranking out birthday and wedding cakes to her native local fan base.
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A Place at the Table for the Latino Wine Community

Seis Soles Wines is one man’s dream to share the experience of good grape across all cultures.
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Bluff City Toffee Is On A Sweet Mission

This Memphis-based business empowers special needs workers to contribute to success: the company’s and their own.
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Chinese Culture Meets Peanut Butter at Rooted Fare

Two childhood friends wed their upbringing and love for food at this crunchy start-up.

Bollywood Meets Hollywood at Baar Baar LA

Chef Sujan Sarkar has taken his native cuisine to another level with his New Indian gastro bar.

From One Mother’s Kitchen to Yours

Yo Mama’s Foods founder David Habib honored his mother and grandmother’s best recipes to create a healthy sauce empire.

Putting their Love Into a Texas Bodega

This San Antonio couple quit their day job to turn a corner store into a wonderland of global treats. They also never ran out of TP during the pandemic.