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ashley craft

This Theme Park Maven Turned Her Passion into Words

A new cookbook devoted to theme park food? Why yes, and there’s even a recipe for a corn dog!
sherman and thompson

Sioux Chef Is Revitalizing Native American Cuisine

This Minneapolis restaurant is on a mission to educate people about Native American food and culture.
Mad Good Food season 3 with Derrell Smith ( Photo by Nick Agro / Tastemade )

This Former NFL Player Now Makes his Hits on Tastemade

Chef Derrell Smith pivoted from football to meatballs to TV chef. His recipe for success? Love is the answer.
breadless team

Who Needs Bread? Not this Detroit-Based Sandwich Shop!

Breadless is out to prove that a sandwich can still be just as delicious and fulfilling without the carbs.
brian malarkey with his line of oils

Top Chef Brian Malarkey Loves Cooking Oils; Here’s Why

What does it take to open a successful restaurant? We asked Chef Brian Malarkey of San Diego’s Herb & Wood and Animae.
kitchen arts and letters bookstore

This NYC Venue is Nearly as Famous as the Chefs Who Shop There

Looking for a hard-to-find cookbook? A tome on the food business? There are more than 12,000 titles at Kitchen Arts & Letters.
chef alain with steaks

Taste of Haiti: A Serving of Inspiration with Chef Alain Lemaire

South Florida Chef Alain Lemaire has a lot of things up his sleeve, including a new series, “Luda Can’t Cook,” airing this month on Discovery+.
bold palate dressings

Going Bold and Healthy with Salad Dressings

Salad fanatic Kate Mann discovered that the dressings she was using were as caloric as eating a cheeseburger. She started up a company to fix that.
michael silverstein holding cake

Q & A with Chef Michael Silverstein

He’s conquered the Keto Diet, gone head-to-head with Gordon Ramsey and found a way to “Keto-fy” his mom’s brisket. What’s next for MasterChef personality Michael Silverstein?