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Elizabeth Hazard is a writer, producer and photography editor. Her work has appeared in various publications and she writes frequently about art, culture, fashion and history.

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Wine Tasting Straight out of The Bronx

This New York urban oenophile is bring wine to a wider audience on his Tastemade show.
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A Mom’s Mission to Baking Healthy

This New York native turned her love of baking into a successful business.

That hot new dish – Is it “Worth the Hype?”

Foodie Frankie Celenza hits the road in search of culinary greatness with his new Tastemade show.

Tastemade’s “The Curious Chef” returns with Stephanie Izard

Go underground in the LA food scene with this James Beard Award winning chef.

OMG Pretzels: A Family Affair

This mother-daughter duo turned a favorite family snack into a pretzel business. Garlic was involved.
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Putting the Healthy in Frozen

Fire Ox Foods is on a mission to elevate the healthy frozen foods business with vegetables from around the world.

Bourbon 101: A New Tome On An Old Favorite

Chef and author Albert W.A. Schmid leads the way through Kentucky and beyond.

Life Without Coffee? This Journalist Is Thinking About It

Bestselling author Omar El Akkad delves into the future of things we may lose in his new podcast “Without.”
Chef Wendy, Tumerico

An Ode to Family at This Tucson Vegan Restaurant

Chef Wendy is serving up a revolving chalkboard menu of Latin Vegan food created from the best local ingredients.