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Ashley is a writer and teacher living in Florida. When she isn't reading or writing, you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, on the yoga mat in downward dog, or lost out in nature with her family.

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Looking Ahead to those Holiday Parties

Tim Mulligan, author of a “A Perfect 10,” has fail-proof ideas for holiday hosting.
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Trap Fruit Candy: A Dream Come true

Social media craze “crack fruit” helped this Charlotte, NC family launch their business.

This Lawyer-Turned-Baker Followed Her Sweet Dreams

At the urging of her daughters, Daphne Subar launched a biscotti business.

She Retired Her Corporate Job to Pursue Her Passion

This entrepreneur blended her social media chops and baking expertise to create her dream job with CupKate’s.

Poi Dog Brings a Little Hawai’i Home One Dip at a Time

A “Philadelphia’s Best Restaurant” pivoted to become an online sauce success.

Hold the Sugar at The Cakery, Pittsburgh

A ketogenic diet led this home baker to launch her own business.

Mushroom Chocolates for Healthy Living? Sure, Sign Us Up.

Take a former pharmaceuticals expert and a student of food science and you get Alice Mushrooms, a new chocolate company devoted to feeling good.
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This ‘Dude’ is Changing the Face of Ice Cream

Beau Shells had his first ice cream business at seven. At 15, he opened a brick and mortar shop. Now, as a college student, he has even more plans.