Trap Fruit Candy: A Dream Come true

Trap Fruit Candy

It’s no exaggeration to say the inspiration for Charlotte, North Carolina-based Trap Fruit Candy Co. came to Que Edwards in a dream back in 2022. It started with him taking a nap on the couch one evening and mumbling in his sleep. When he began to yell, “Crack… fruit,” Chelsea Edwards and their daughter Quiniya looked at one another in confusion. A few days later, Que told Chelsea about his dream of selling candy-coated fruit, which is known throughout social media as “crack fruit.” (It’s basically dipped fresh fruit—grapes, mostly—in sugar, corn syrup and water, to give it a  hard-candy coating; it’s then rolled in crushed hard candies like Jolly Ranchers or Nerds).

With the idea firmly in mind, the couple took to YouTube and learned how to make the treat. Not long after, they began selling their Trap’d Fruit Candy at a friend’s store and through social media. When the demand picked up, they decided to open a storefront similar to the neighborhood corner stores and bodegas they grew up with.

Today, they’re on a roll. Or some might say a sweet journey, with a store of their own (open since April 2023) and  flavors such as Candy Grapes, Watermelon Spears, and the Donut Bowl (candy-coated pineapple rings). They even serve a Trap Fruit Salad, which includes pineapples, oranges, strawberries and grapes.

In addition to their Trap’d Fruit Candy, they feature a growing collection of nostalgic treats, trending candies, and international sweets. Besides offering free popcorn for every visitor, they also serve unique drink creations, such as Trap’n Icees – flavored Italian Ice also candy-coated – such as the Cotton Candy, and Gone 2 The Moon Candy Grapes. Other customer favorites include the Waterberry Lemonade Grapes and Spicy Bowls, which are described as the “hottest peppers, pickled egg, sausage and spices together in one bowl for an out of body spicy experience.”

Que and Chelsea Edwards say they’re inspired by what’s trending on social media, as well as by the requests that come from their “loyal Trappers.” They also simply like having fun in the kitchen and trying new things together. They say the most challenging part of Trap Fruit Candy Co. is the never ending to-do list that comes with running their new business. “The hours are long and the pay isn’t that great, but being able to see our dreams become a reality and knowing we did it together as a team has been the biggest reward for us,” said Que. In the future, the two  look forward to selling merchandise, offering classes, hosting events, and opening more locations.


Ashley Archambault

Ashley is a writer and teacher living in Florida. When she isn't reading or writing, you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, on the yoga mat in downward dog, or lost out in nature with her family.



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