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OMG Pretzels: A Family Affair


Lynn and Stephanie Kriebel of Pennsylvania are not your typical mother-daughter duo. Together they run a booming business that started literally from scratch. Mother Lynn has been making her family-favorite garlic-flavored pretzels for decades for her daughter Stephanie and other family members. The treats were so popular Lynn started getting requests to start selling them. In 2014, OMG! Pretzels was born. Both the Kriebels say the name came about honestly.

“[It] was a natural fit since it is the common reaction people have when they try our bold and innovative flavors. Once you pop one in your mouth, ‘OMG’ comes popping out! And so, OMG! Pretzels was born,” they told Beyondish.

While the company has grown exponentially throughout the years, its humble beginnings are at its core. Lynn, who created the seasoning recipe herself, made the nuggets in her kitchen two pans at a time way back in the beginning. She created the seasoning blend and baked the pretzels in her oven as an after-school snack for her four children. They loved them so much she started serving them at parties for friends and family.

The flagship garlic started it all. Other flavors tied to memories include the sweet & salty pretzels based on the times Stephanie’s grandfather would come over before school to eat cinnamon-sugar toast and play cards with her and her siblings. Another throwback features the Chesapeake pretzels, which harken back to the family’s annual trips to Pompano Beach, FL. The flavor, they say, is meant to transport customers  to seaside vacations. Other options include Cheddar Jalapeno and Salty Butterscotch, a newer flavor that is quickly gaining popularity.

It’s all about the seasoning for the Kriebels. “Our new elevated culinary-inspired seasoning blends take our crunchy sourdough pretzel nuggets to the next level,” said Stephanie. Added Lynn: “Our pretzels boast a two-note tasting experience with one flavor profile hitting your taste buds first and then a second wave of flavor lingering at the end of each bite.”

Their goal? To be an international brand and to continue to expand their footprint in the U.S. Said the two: “We want OMG! Pretzels to be a staple in people’s pantries.”


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