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Plant-Based Mocktails that Take the Edge Off? Cheers to That!

A wellness practitioner teams up with a “badass female scientist” to create a drinking alternative.
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Portland’s Pixie Retreat is Green and Growing

Theresa Keane likes to cook; her friend Willow O’Brien likes to eat. The desire to be healthy inspired their plant-based food company.
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Gourmet Hemp Foods Offer a Taste of Mother Earth

What the heck is hemp and why would you want to have it in your pasta sauce? The co-founder of Gourmet Hemp Foods explains its many healing properties
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A New Kind of Spirit in Utah

Salt Lake City might not be the first place that makes you think of Sake. That didn’t stop this entrepreneur from opening her own brewery.
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From Yacht Captain to Pig Farmer: Living the Dream

Many a soul lays claim to one meal changing their lives. For this couple, a grilled pork chop did the trick and landed them on a farm in North Carolina.
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Q & A with Recipe Developer Alexis deBoschnek

A host of Buzzfeed’s “Tasty,” Alexis deBoschnek shows how to the make the most of every ingredient in her new book, “To the Last Bite”
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Boozy Balls Serves Up Cookies with a Kick

This retired military couple invented their next chapter from their pantry and the bar. It now ships to 45 states.