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ashley craft

This Theme Park Maven Turned Her Passion into Words

By Elizabeth Hazard

A new cookbook devoted to theme park food? Why yes, and there’s even a recipe for a corn dog!

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Signature Kinsey Cake

A New Late-Night Dining Spot Creates a Buzz in Charleston

By Nicolette Degrassi

The Honey Hive is giving two thumbs up to “gladrag wearing, champagne drinking and table dancing merriment.”

Nikeisah Newton

Respecting Sex Workers with Food Delivered to Meet Their Needs

By Stacy Brooks

Finding good food after 1 a.m. is difficult. It’s even more difficult for sex workers. Which is why Nikeisah Newton created the food delivery system Meals 4 Heels which specializes in catering to strip clubs.

two hands holding pizza cones

Step Aside Slices: In Boise, Pizza is Now a Cone-Shaped Affair

By Sarah Strong

Inspired by a trip to Italy, Tyler and Marina Blake opened Coned Pizza in Boise. Now they’re reshaping the way diners view pizza in Idaho.

justin dixon

Atlanta Cooking Finds a Home at Humble Mumble

By Sarah Strong

Justin Dixon left his executive chef job to launch the sandwich shop of his dreams. His fine dining chops are now happily at home between two slices of bread.

arctic dog truck

Commerce Before College Prep; This Guy is Beefing Up His Application

By Nicolette Degrassi

He may not have a driver’s license (yet!), but this New Jersey high schooler is checking off a lot of boxes with his own food truck.

bowl of dumplings on a blue background

From Supper Club to Dumplings; This New Business Sings

By Nicolette Degrassi

When their supper club plans fizzled due to the pandemic, Richard Lee and Claire Guyer got cooking – with dumplings – and have not looked back.

stuntpig truck

Stuntpig is Serving Up Real Deal Sandwiches in Pittsburgh

By Sarah Strong

The duo behind this food truck went from unemployed to full-bore business owners serving up crazy popular sandwiches in Pittsburgh.

bold palate dressings

Going Bold and Healthy with Salad Dressings

By Elizabeth Hazard

Salad fanatic Kate Mann discovered that the dressings she was using were as caloric as eating a cheeseburger. She started up a company to fix that.

dave at the bakery

A Half-Baked Idea Turns into a Full-Time Business

By Hannah Sarraf

Dave Maffei created the perfect cookies. The only issue? They were too big. So, his wife Heather cut them in half and Halfsies was born.

michael silverstein holding cake

Q & A with Chef Michael Silverstein

By Elizabeth Hazard

He’s conquered the Keto Diet, gone head-to-head with Gordon Ramsey and found a way to “Keto-fy” his mom’s brisket. What’s next for MasterChef personality Michael Silverstein?