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mazeltea team

Jewish Humor Steeped in Tea Bags

By Sophie Claman

A search for the perfect mother-in-law gift inspired Allan Schulman to create Mazeltea, a kosher tea company heavy on the Jewish humor

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earl gray spread

Husband and Wife Duo Spread Happiness with a Korean Dessert Tradition

By Nicolette Degrassi

Nick Ng and Ahreum Kim used the pandemic to get creative with Ooyoo, a Minnesota-based company specializing in Korean-style dessert spreads.

Sophie Mendelson and Martha Bass

Bewitched in St. Louis: An Ice Cream Tale

By Stacy Brooks

These two self-described “food system nerds” turned their small batch ice cream company Sugarwitch into something so magical it’s inspired a cult following.

emree woods

Georgia Entrepreneur Makes a Splash with Non-Alcoholic Beer

By Victoria Pardo

When pregnant in 2017, Emree Woods noticed there weren’t a lot of great options for a decent beer replacement. So the Marietta, Georgia mom created her ow

rebecca king

Deli Manna from “The Bad Jew” – Porkstrami Has Arrived!

By Kate Eplboim

Rebecca King ducked her office job in commercial real estate to ply the farmers market and go home and cook. Now her very un-kosher Jewish deli pop-up operates at LA’s Smorgasburg where King cures her own pork pastrami.

Muntaha headshot

Stop for Gas, Stay for the Hummus

By AnnMarie Mattila

A hunch about hummus got Muntaha Dari, a Palestinian-American, to sell her home-cooked recipe at her son’s Ohio gas station. Now it’s what people stop for.

cookie basket

Hep Cat Cookies Jazz Up New York

By AnnMarie Mattila

Cookies just weren’t cutting it during the pandemic so jazz enthusiast Jaime Shannon infused them with alcohol. Her dark chocolate cookie with bourbon is now a hit thanks to her new business, Hep Cat.

john adamson tossing pizza

The Future is Vegan at Neon Tiger

By Sarah Strong

The menu looks similar to what you’d find at any standard fare restaurant, but guess what? It’s all vegan at Charleston’s Neon Tiger.

chef tara monsod

Chef Tara Monsod on Filipino Food, Her Pot-Bellied Pig, Plus a Recipe!

By Anna Maria Giambanco DiPietro

San Diego’s opulent Animae restaurant has a new executive chef. Beyondish got to sit down with her and talk food.

mason dixie products

Memories of Old-Fashioned Biscuits are Baked into Mason Dixie

By Stacy Brooks

Ayeshah Abuelhiga hated her corporate job so she turned to what she loved best: Creating buttery, crumbly, gooey baked goods. What started as a biscuit pop-up is now a full-fledged frozen foods company.

tonya council

Chef Tonya Council Shares Her Tastes of the South, One Bite at a Time

By Stacy Brooks

A North Carolina chef turns her pecan crisp cookie recipe into a nationwide juggernaut of baked goodness and then some.