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Fabio Viviani

This Top Chef Put His Dessert in a Jar; A Brand Was Born

By Mackenzie Filson

We’ve grown accustomed to dining with our phones (hey, phone eats first!). Chef Fabio Vivani has concocted an original new dessert. Get your cameras ready.

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girl nextdough truck

This Girl Nextdough Keeps on Truckin’

By Sarah Strong

When a friend moved to Jersey and had a food truck to sell, this Charleston resident thought: “If not now, when?” She’s now selling bagels on St. James Island.

angeliah holding a 4 pack of cupcakes

What’s Yo Flava? These Are Not Yo Mama’s Cupcakes

By Breanna Rose

Angeliah Han creates cupcakes influenced by her Korean-American heritage and love of Pacific Island flavors.

lentil greek salad

Here’s How to Reduce Food Waste at Home, One Meal at a Time

By Elizabeth Hazard

A start-up company looks to simplify meal planning prep and cut back on the food we waste in a few simple steps.

platters of sushi

Connecticut Foodie Start-up Is No Raw Deal

By Sarah Strong

Max Weiss missed sushi so much during the pandemic, he created his own company that brings sushi to you. And not just any sushi, but the high-end nigiri best exemplified by the omakase meal.

franks family

JACK’s Salsa is a St. Louis Family Affair

By Kate Eplboim

Jordan Franks never liked tomatoes. Now he’s the force behind JACK’s Salsa, which he owns and runs with his life partner Alex.

Babka from babka bailout

Babka: A Family Recipe Saves an Employee and Jumpstarts a Business

By AnnMarie Mattila

When Jersey City resident Michal Prevor learned her beloved housekeeper Carmen was struggling to pay her bills, she knew she had to take action. So, she started baking babka.

persian delicacies cookbook cover

A Conversation with Cookbook Author Angela Cohan

By Sarah Strong

Angela Cohan, a former editor for The Iranian Jewish Chronicle, talks to Beyondish about why she wanted to write a cookbook and what home cooks should know about Persian food.

barnet sisters with cookie cakes

Sweet Cookies, Salty Messages

By AnnMarie Mattila

The urge to send something cheeky to a date got Beth Barnet and her sister thinking. The result is a personalized cookie company where sass is welcome.

AFC cofounders (l-r) Princess Haley, Michelle Horovitz, Tasha Powell

A Taste for Change in Minneapolis

By Stacy Brooks

What do you get when three people form an organization that offers healthy food opportunities in an underserved Minneapolis community? Change for the good of everyone!

earl gray spread

Husband and Wife Duo Spread Happiness with a Korean Dessert Tradition

By Nicolette Degrassi

Nick Ng and Ahreum Kim used the pandemic to get creative with Ooyoo, a Minnesota-based company specializing in Korean-style dessert spreads.