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stuntpig truck

Stuntpig is Serving Up Real Deal Sandwiches in Pittsburgh

By Sarah Strong

The duo behind this food truck went from unemployed to full-bore business owners serving up crazy popular sandwiches in Pittsburgh.

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mason dixie products

Memories of Old-Fashioned Biscuits are Baked into Mason Dixie

By Stacy Brooks

Ayeshah Abuelhiga hated her corporate job so she turned to what she loved best: Creating buttery, crumbly, gooey baked goods. What started as a biscuit pop-up is now a full-fledged frozen foods company.

tonya council

Chef Tonya Council Shares Her Tastes of the South, One Bite at a Time

By Stacy Brooks

A North Carolina chef turns her pecan crisp cookie recipe into a nationwide juggernaut of baked goodness and then some.

jinkies coffee bar

Getting Your 70s Groove on at Jinkies in Kansas

By AnnMarie Mattila

Who wouldn’t want to hang out at a vintage Kansas coffee shop modeled after “That 70s Show?”

zestbox family

A Personal Chef Battled Cancer: Now She’s Teaching Others About Clean Eating

By Laura Henty

After two separate bouts of cancer in her family, this mother of two launched a business to help other families thrive, with an assist from some very healthy food.

rectangular container of mac and cheese

Anna Bell’s Mac & Cheese: An Atlanta Staple that Honors Family and Tradition

By Elizabeth Hazard

A tech entrepreneur spent 15 years trying to replicate his great-grandmother’s mac & cheese recipe. Now, it’s perfect. It’s also super popular in Atlanta and can be bought online.

kiki with poi dog sauces

The Secret Sauce: Poi Dog Brings Hawaiʻi Flavors to Kitchens Everywhere

By Breanna Rose

One chef’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for Hawaiʻi is keeping her company’s power-packed flavors alive with a new sauce line.

Ava Truckey

Home-Baked Goodness Is at the Heart of Denver’s Butter Moon Bake Co

By Victoria Pardo

For Ava Truckey, owner of Butter Moon Bake Co. in Denver, it’s not enough to just offer scones and biscuits. It’s also about giving back and lifting up historically disenfranchised groups.

Sean Smith and Brayden LeBlanc-Jackson with cotton candy

The Puffs are Taking Cotton Candy to New Heights, Literally

By Kate Eplboim

LA residents Sean Smith and Brayden LeBlanc-Jackson left their corporate jobs with the mission of doing something where they could be “as queer and colorful and ridiculous” as they wanted to be. The result is The Puffs, their cotton candy company that specializes in “huge ridiculous shapes.”

CHX meal

CHX: A Minneapolis Chicken Restaurant Finds Its Wings

By Stacy Brooks

Two childhood friends keep it simple by building a fried chicken empire created from
America’s Black experience.

ashlyn and the little vegan chef

DC Chef Publishes a Vegan Cookbook for Kids

By Alexa Madeiros

Cooking healthy has always been important to Chef Anthony Thomas. So during the pandemic, he wrote a book about just that.