A seasoned PR pro and food photographer, Susan is an inspirational writer who travels the world planning her trips by dining reservations. She started the GA Lottery in the 90’s and turned to food watching Public TV with Jacques Pepin, Natalie Dupree and The Frugal Gourmet. She is an accomplished home cook and lover of all cuisines.

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A Cookbook Maven Shares Her Passion

An interview with food blogger and author Lauren McDuffie.
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Bumpa’s Grandfathers in a Quality Experience

Two brothers followed their dream to open a family business in Charleston.
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“Geechee Girl” Gone Crabbing and AirBnB’s Got Ya Covered

Tia Clark discovered life under water and now she’s sharing it with heart and soul.
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A Guy with a Boat and a Dream

Lowcountry Oyster Company Seeds Joy on the Half Shell and Sustainability
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A Chef Turns His Passion to Fungi

Charleston’s Nathan Hood combines his kitchen mastery with a love for mushrooms. A farm is born.
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A Family Farmer Goes Whole Hog in South Carolina

Slow growing in the low country is Peculier Pig’s secret to quality pork product success.

Rainbow Fulfillment: Charleston’s Modern Milkman

No dirt under their nails, but they do provide the best local produce in Charleston.

This Local Grower is Providing Greens to Charleston’s Finest Eateries

Ghost Grow 843’s Garret Fleming turned a passion for farming into a modern day work-from-home success story.


Francofile Foodie

Location: Charleston

Cuisine is a way to connect with others worldwide, and I love cooking as a means of sharing in a nurturing, delicious, fun way.

Breakfast Spot Only The Locals Know. Pitt Street Pharmacy.

Destination Food Neighborhood. Downtown Charleston.

Dive Bar Not To Be Missed. Dunleavy’s Pub.

Every local has eaten here. You should too. Leons.

Good eats AND live music. High Cotton.

Food with a view. Islander 71.

Local hot spot you'll regret missing. Verns.

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