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AnnMarie Mattila is a food writer, recipe developer and pastry chef based in New York. She has a master's degree from New York University in Food Studies and sometimes eats cake for dinner. Follow her at

diners at UGK

High-End Cuisine Goes Underground in Virginia

The Undergound Kitchen has become a popular event and spotlight for chefs of color, women and those who identify as LGBTQ+ in Richmond, VA.
freedom a la cart staff

Freedom a la Cart Serves Up So Much More Than Meals

A cafe in Columbus, Ohio, known for its blueberry chia bowl and avocado toast, is also known for helping survivors of human trafficking.
Babka from babka bailout

Babka: A Family Recipe Saves an Employee and Jumpstarts a Business

When Jersey City resident Michal Prevor learned her beloved housekeeper Carmen was struggling to pay her bills, she knew she had to take action. So, she started baking babka.
barnet sisters with cookie cakes

Sweet Cookies, Salty Messages

The urge to send something cheeky to a date got Beth Barnet and her sister thinking. The result is a personalized cookie company where sass is welcome.
Muntaha headshot

Stop for Gas, Stay for the Hummus

A hunch about hummus got Muntaha Dari, a Palestinian-American, to sell her home-cooked recipe at her son’s Ohio gas station. Now it’s what people stop for.
cookie basket

Hep Cat Cookies Jazz Up New York

Cookies just weren’t cutting it during the pandemic so jazz enthusiast Jaime Shannon infused them with alcohol. Her dark chocolate cookie with bourbon is now a hit thanks to her new business, Hep Cat.
jinkies coffee bar

Getting Your 70s Groove on at Jinkies in Kansas

Who wouldn’t want to hang out at a vintage Kansas coffee shop modeled after “That 70s Show?”
DNP Team 2 L to R Kurt, Muhammad, Mike

Filling a Void in North Philly with Pizza and Opportunity

Two entrepreneurs start a pizzeria that exclusively employs formerly incarcerated people as a way to give them a chance while also feeding an underserved community.

Frontline Workers Go Bananas for Bread

Using his mom’s recipe, with an able assist provided by the kindness of others, this telecommunications professional turned some home-baked goodness into food on the table for people in need.