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Getting Your 70s Groove on at Jinkies in Kansas

jinkies coffee bar

If you smell the distinctive mix of coffee and nostalgia wafting from Overland Park, Kansas, you just discovered Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout. Opened in early 2021, the 1970s-inspired coffeeshop is the brainchild of mother-daughter team Lisa and Madi Dombrowski, who combined their love of good coffee, pastries and their favorite decade.

“We both love the 70s,” said Madi, “and we wanted to not only bring the coffee shop to our community, but something that people weren’t able to get anywhere else.” With décor straight out of their favorite “That ‘70s Show,” Jinkies! seeks to blend a vintage feel with modern taste.

Lisa and Madi Dombrowski

Order from the specialty drink menu with groovy names like “Zoinks” and “Strawberry Fields” or stay in the new millennium with an oat milk latte. The two proudly brew fair-trade beans from local Blip Roasters, so even a simple cup of joe is worth savoring. And that was one of their goals of flashing back to a pre-smart phone era, according to Madi. “We were hoping we could create a space where people could just sit and talk and enjoy, without as many distractions as there are now.”

The coffeehouse also offers a selection of freshly baked treats each day. Prior to this new venture, Lisa had a custom sugar cookie business, so she knows her sweets. And though they sell a variety of muffins and cookies, their most popular item by far is their version of Pop-Tarts. Flavors are on constant rotation, from more traditional strawberry and blueberry to the more adventurous cookie dough and cereal milk.

coffee cup stamped with dream on

Facing delays due to Covid-19, it took about a year and a half to develop and build out the concept. But as soon as they opened their doors, the reaction was immediately positive and they are hoping to expand to more neighborhoods. “We want to provide a local option,” said Madi, “and I think a lot of people just love feeling like they’re somewhere different.” Jinkies! is just that, a place to not only drink and eat, but a place to “groovify,” as they call it. Added Madi: “I think that really makes people happy.”


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