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Sweet Cookies, Salty Messages

barnet sisters with cookie cakes

Have you ever struggled to find that perfect gift? Do you have a slightly twisted sense of humor? If you’ve answered “yes” to one or both of those questions, Eat Me Cookie Cakes has you covered. Sisters Beth and Maddie Barnet offer a line of gourmet cookie cakes customizable to say just about anything for any occasion. Curious what that means? One glimpse at their Instagram, and you’ll know this ain’t no Mrs. Fields.

Their customization offers 75 characters to use on the standard 12-inch cookie, which is three times as much as their stodgy competitors. You can be as sassy as you want, expletives welcome. You can also use one of their premade messages like “Better late than never” for an impending divorce. Choose from 12 different flavors, like funfetti and classic chocolate chip. Gluten-free and vegan options are available as well.

Among some of the ones listed on their website (that we can print here): Happy Birthday Old Fart, Sorry I Fell Asleep in Your Bed with My Shoes On and Wedding Diet Starts Tomorrow.

barnet sisters

The sisters formalized their business mid-pandemic in April 2020, but they had toiled with the idea before Covid-19. After being denied by every major cookie company while trying to send a cheeky message to a date, Beth thought, “Oh my god, I’ve got this awesome idea which I think people will love!” But it wasn’t until lockdown when they traded their tiny New York kitchen for the spacious hometown comfort of Charleston, SC, that the plan solidified.

Though they have no formal kitchen training, moving in with their parents had an extra perk. “Our dad has always loved baking,” said Maddie, “and he really helped us narrow down the perfect recipe.” They quickly expanded to a larger commercial kitchen with a focus on using high quality ingredients, so the cookies are as good as the messages.

They plan to add smaller sizes and shapes in the near future. And since these items are shipped anywhere nationally, they look to enhance the unboxing experience.


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