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Tastemade’s “The Curious Chef” returns with Stephanie Izard


Award-winning cookbook author, executive chef, restaurateur and Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard returns to host the second season of Tastemade’s popular show The Curious Chef. Here Izard shares a very simple secret: if you’re only eating at restaurants, you’re missing out. In The Curious Chef, Izard uncovers chefs in all different forms – from home cooks with killer dishes to cooks with hidden gem street stalls, pop-ups and secret restaurants. The show is an all-out adventure as viewers follow Izard on a quest to connect with captivating characters, discover interesting eats and explore the food scene in unexpected, adventurous ways.

In Season 2, Izard explores the hidden food scene of LA, meeting with chefs who create pop-up restaurants or serve food out of their homes. Says Izard, “It’s really all focusing on this underlying food scene in the Los Angeles area that’s outside of restaurants.” While she’s used to more typical food show fare, Izard says this is something different. “I still love cooking competitions, but it’s so fun to do something different and be out there learning.”

In the first episode, Izard meets with chefs who have turned their food passions into side hustles: from dumplings, pretzels to sushi and more. In episode two she delves into the idea of comfort foods and uncovers chefs creating dishes that nourish the body and soul. The third episode explores the idea of cooking with fire. In the fourth episode Izard finds a unique chef in LA selling secret pizza out of a van. Exciting, adventurous and curious, it seems nothing is off the table in the second season of The Curious Chef.

Stephanie Izard is the James Beard-Award winning Executive Chef and owner of five Chicago restaurants: Girl & the Goat, Little Goat, Duck Duck Goat, Cabra, and Sugargoat, along with Girl & the Goat and Cabra in Los Angeles. Izard won the title of “Iron Chef” in 2017 and was the fourth winner of Bravo’s Top Chef in 2008, where she was the first female winner. Izard’s first book, “Girl in the Kitchen,” was released in 2011 and her second book “Gather & Graze” was released in April 2018. Season 2 of The Curious Chef can be found on the Tastemade streaming channel.


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