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Authenticity Is at the Heart of Jake Cohen’s New Cookbook “Jew-ish”

Recipe developer and social media star Jake Cohen is ready to wow the world with his first cookbook, “Jew-ish,” filled with recipes perfect for shabbat or any other communal meal.
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Jasmine Cho is All About Cookie Activism and Bake Therapy

It’s hard to describe Jasmine Cho in just a few words. She’s a woman of many facets: A baker. An activist. An author. And the visionary behind bake therapy.
shelves of ceramic dinnerware

The New York Potter Whose Dishes are a Canvas for Food

Connor McGinn has turned his restaurant experience into bespoke ceramic tableware that local New York chefs rave about. Read on to learn how he made the transition from cooking to potter’s wheel and how you can get your hands on your own dinnerware from Connor McGinn Studios.
wild hare distillery owners

It’s Agave Time at Wild Hare Distillery in Tempe

Do you know the difference between agave spirits and tequila? If not, the founders of Tempe, Arizona-based Wild Hare Distillery are happy to explain.
Struggle Meals chef Frankie Celenza with a Walmart branded bag of food

In the Kitchen with Chef Frankie Celenza of “Struggle Meals”

Sustainable, low-waste, vegetable forward meals are what Chef Frankie Celenza creates for “Struggle Meals,” though we think they take most of the struggling out of the kitchen. Read our interview to find out what Celenza keeps in his pantry and how his style has changed during the pandemic.

San Diego Mom Opens Gluten Free Baking Company

Necessity is the mother of invention. So when this SoCal mom met up with her son’s food allergies, rather than locking the pantry, she started her own bakery. The community stepped up and bought in.

Pay What You Think It’s Worth: NY Baker Leaves His Bread in Hidden Cabinets for Anyone to Find

Bake good bread and they will come. Chase Fox Harnett may have lucked into the perfect business model for a pandemic when his company, Hudson Oven, started selling bread out of a cabinet hidden in the woods. In business since 2017, Hudson Oven is based on a simple concept: No customer interaction. The money is…

Attention Cookie Addicts: Mariah Carey starts her own cookie line

What’s been one of the biggest contributors to the added weight we’ve all gained during Covid 19?  Cookies.  Cookie consumption across the country has increased more than 25% since we’ve gone into lockdown. So much so that one in five Americans are considered “cookie addicts,” consuming over three per day according to research from TOP…