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Double the Goodness from Twins who Cook

aria and maya baking cookies

Twins Aria and Maya Christian have always loved cooking. As they say, “Sugar has always been a best friend.” So when they found themselves cooking more during the pandemic and rediscovering the love that food holds, they ended up launching Twins that Cook, a New York based cookie business with flavors like Peanuts ‘n Crackerjacks, Lavender Grey and Champagne Poppy. They ship their cookies, so put in an order for their homemade goodies quickly as they are in high demand.
We chatted with the sisters to learn about their inspiration, their “Food for the Fantastik” slogan, and what to expect from them in the future.

How did you get into cooking?
A/M: We’ve been cooking all of our lives. Our mom and dad are great cooks! Since we could remember, we would watch them in the kitchen. We were always watching the Food Network and reading a lot! Food is a huge part of our lives.

What were you doing before you launched Twins that Cook together?
M: Aria is a singer and I’m a jewelry designer and a voiceover actor. We are grateful we didn’t have to give anything up for our newest business together. Staying busy is our thing.

Why did you decide to get back to cooking and start a business during the pandemic?
M: We never stopped cooking. We needed a way to bring some positivity to everyone during such a rough time, so we started our Instagram with delicious food and recipes to go with it, so people can make five star meals at home.

aria and maya

Why cookies?
A: Why NOT cookies is the question. Cookies are our favorite, and we know the majority of people also love cookies. But it became a word of mouth secret through Brooklyn that they were really good! That’s how our first collaboration happened.

What else do you like to cook?
A/M: EVERYTHING. From bolognese to sushi to grilled branzino. We love all cultures, all cuisines, all cooking methods. It’s important while cooking to really let yourself dive deep into what you are creating. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just one cuisine or style of cooking. We do a lot of research and when we find or see something that stands out, we create.

Where do you get your flavor inspiration?
M: A lot of it comes from nature, colors and scents. Being in New York we are constantly surrounded by inspiration. Just walking around and boom –– an idea hits. A lot of it comes from each other. There have been so many times when we aren’t together when a creation idea happens.

What has the response been like?
A: Incredible. The constant outpouring of love and support is why we do it. We want to put smiles on everyone’s faces just like they do for us with kind words and sweet messages.

iced lavender cookies

What does your slogan “Food for the Fantastic” mean to you?
A/M: We wanted it to be very self explanatory and straight to the point. Our cookies are for everyone.

Is Fantastik Goods an extension or a different enterprise?
A/M: Fantastik Goods is a different enterprise, even though it’s a play on Twins that Cook. It is our edible line. It’s been amazing to be able to also work with cannabis. We have a lot of customers who have trouble sleeping or pains here and there, so this has definitely been able to help them, as well as everyone else who orders.

What have you learned about running a business and yourselves during this process?
A/M: It takes a lot of discipline and research.

What should we expect from you in the future?
A/M: Definitely bringing something to TV and expanding our brand all over the globe. We are aiming for that. Some part of the future is still unknown for the business. That’s what’s keeping us busy and working so hard.


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