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The Galaxy Coffee is the First Queer-Owned Coffee Truck in Columbus

CoFounders in front of the galaxy coffee truck

Jevonna Morris and Kels Wilson met while working at a Starbucks in Columbus, Ohio and bonded over their dream of someday opening a queer coffee shop.

“Someday,” however, happened sooner than they thought when, in 2020, the pandemic shut down their store and they were both laid off from their jobs as store manager and barista.

One business plan and an online Indigogo fundraiser later, the two coffee enthusiasts went from co-workers to co-founders and officially opened The Galaxy Coffee in June 2022. Theirs, they say, is the first queer- and worker-owned coffee truck in Columbus.

It wasn’t always easy.

They started with an open-air coffee truck to build their community base from the ground up and ensure it was accessible to everyone during the pandemic. However, their truck broke down several times from the get-go, bringing business to a halt. Thanks to support from their food truck community, neighbors and friends, they persevered and rebuilt their mobile coffee shop into what it is today.

service side of the galaxy coffee truck

Now their renovated truck has the warm feel of a coffee shop with the interior and counters made from the reclaimed wood of an old horse farm. Notably, the truck bears the iconic logo of The Galaxy Coffee: a unicorn in the stars.

They share the inspiration behind their name: “Gender is more than a binary, more than a spectrum and more like a whole galaxy of possibilities.”

Accessibility, inclusion and community are at the heart of The Galaxy Coffee, especially as a queer and trans-owned business. The two said they wanted to create a space where people could hang out, enjoy each other’s company and feel free to be themselves.

To that end, instead of a tip jar, they have a Community Jar. Rather than charity, it’s a community-based system to ensure drinks and food are affordable for everyone.

And they offer an accessible menu featuring vegan, gluten-free and low-carb options as well as an extensive selection of coffee, drinks and pastries. The caramel apple cider and vegan chocolate croissant are customer favorites, as are all their brews from local Columbus roastery Upper Cup Coffee.

Vegan crossaint and coffee

Finally, The Galaxy Coffee is a worker-owned cooperative that offers employees an “equal share, equal say and equal part in the business.” They also prioritize collaborations with local businesses, particularly other queer- and worker-owned cooperatives.

Morris and Wilson love creating a communal experience and getting to know their regulars. “We know their faces, their names, their drinks, their dogs’ names,” Morris said. “It’s what makes this all worth doing, having that community.”

Their ultimate dream? To open a brick-and-mortar coffee house that can host community gatherings.


Breanna Rose

Breanna Rose is a freelance writer, facilitator, and strategist in Honolulu. Raised in the food and beverage industry, she was a yacht chef in the Mediterranean and spent the past decade building networks to advance sustainability policy in Hawaiʻi and globally. Connect with her on Linkedin.



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