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Healing with Spices at Seasoned Delicious Foods

Seasoned Delicious Foods - Relishes

Who said good things can’t come in small packages? That’s exactly what drove Tamika Dunkley and her husband Martin to create Seasoned Delicious Foods (SDF), based on the traditions and flavors of the Caribbean. Headquartered in Lake Katrine, New York, SDF manufactures a variety of spices, sauces, relishes, preserves and vinegars

Dunkley started her career as a registered nurse and dietitian specializing in cardiac critical care. With a background in the medical field, she understands the importance of health-based foods, specifically, how they can be pleasing to the palate while also pleasing to the body’s health.

She also trusted her husband’s master mixology skills. He based the company’s flavors on the handed-down-from-the-generations recipes he learned from his mother.

“From day one, we set out to give people an unforgettable experience while providing them with great tasting whole foods that promote healing from within,” said Dunkley. “All of our products are non-GMO and manufactured using locally sourced ingredients to maintain the highest quality possible.”

Dunkley began the online venture while still practicing as a nurse. It wasn’t until she dedicated more time to the brand and saw the potential that she decided to focus on SDF full-time in 2020.

When other stores were closing in January 2020, the couple opened a small, 800-square foot brick-and-mortar grocery store in Kingston, NY, purchasing and supporting producers and owners from minority-owned companies.

It wasn’t long before they quickly outgrew that space ,and nine months later opened the Seasoned Evolutions Center, a multi-faceted space located in nearby Lake Katrina that’s twelve times the size of their first brick-and-mortar business.

“It was definitely a challenge,” said Dunkley. “We had to shift and pivot and get creative but we saw an opportunity with this space that was once in a lifetime.”

There are now three different line-ups under the SDF brand: Seasoned Authentic Caribbean Foods, AFYA Power Health Foods and Above Earth Foods.

A big part of SDF’s mission also focuses on feeding the local community by preparing weekly meals and offering grocery items for the underserved in Ulster County.

Now the couple’s goal is to create a replicable model that not only helps other entrepreneurs, but also grows the brand more internationally while building up their communities locally.


Juan Diasgranados

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