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Moonshot Snacks: Setting the Stage for Climate-Friendly Food

Julia Collins with Moonshot

If you consider yourself an innovative foodie, you’ve probably heard of Moonshot: the world’s first carbon neutral cracker. If not, welcome to the future.

While most brands set out with a product in mind, this cosmic snack’s inception began with soil and seed. Julia Collins, founder of Moonshot Snacks, focused on ingredients grown by farmers that made healthy soil a priority.

tray of moonshot crackers

“When we met Dave and Serena at Hedlins Farms, a fourth-generation-family farm and first-generation-regenerative farm, we knew we had to use their delicious Edison wheat,” said Collins. “Edison wheat is actually bred to flourish in their specific corner of Washington, Skagit Valley, using traditional practices. It grows really well in their conditions.”

With Hedlins Farms’ wheat at the forefront, Collins began sourcing the supporting ingredients: high oleic oil made from organic sunflowers, along with the best organic spices she could find. In December 2020, Moonshot launched into the snack-stratosphere, setting its sights on leading the new wave of the climate-friendly food movement.

hedlin farms wheat

“We truly believe in the power for brands of all sizes, together with eaters, to make a collective impact on the health of the planet,” said Collins. “The global food system is responsible for roughly a quarter of all GHG emissions, but together we can take a bite out of climate change.”

The climate’s well-being guides every decision behind the brand. From Moonshot’s 100% recycled paperboard cartons and recyclable plastic interior bags, to monitoring every single step in the snack process, the company ensures that its entire operation is carbon-neutral. Currently, the company is purchasing carbon offsets from a Native Energy project to conserve grasslands in Colorado.

And while the planet is certainly first and foremost, emphasis is, of course, also on taste. As of now, crackers come in three flavors: Sourdough Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic and Tomato Basil and are non-GMO, kosher, plant-based and organic. According to Collins, their signature flour gives them a crave-worthy texture as well as the nutrition of whole wheat.

sourdough sea salt moonshot crackers

And, she and her team are looking into using grains that are often underutilized, like buckwheat and amaranth, as well as gluten-free grains.

“We can’t share any fine details yet,” said Collins, a seasoned and successful entrepreneur who founded Zume Pizza (which was valued in 2018 at over $2 billion). “But we can share that we plan to let farmer relationships and regenerative crops guide us, just like we did in developing our crackers.”

“From the very beginning, we’ve been incredibly intentional and thoughtful about every decision we make, while also recognizing that as a new brand, we still have room to improve and grow,” said Collins. “We’re so excited to share our crackers with the world and encourage snackers to shoot for the moon with us!”


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