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Modica Adds A Little Healthy Zest To Happy Hour


Ever find yourself dreaming of a refreshing cocktail after a long day, only to lack the energy to make one from scratch? JD Mitchell and Eric Wentworth, co-founders of Modica, an LGBTQ-owned company based out of Louisville, Kentucky, have an answer. And even better, their cocktails mixers, which can also be mocktails, are good for you.

Inspired during their MBA days at the University of Louisville, the two started their journey searching for mixers in grocery stores, only to discover an array of artificial ingredients, preservatives and excess sugar. “None of this sounded good to us,” said Wentworth, a passionate bartender with a decade of experience. “So we decided to create our own mixers made with superfoods, vitamins, electrolytes and 70% less sugar than other mixers.”

After extensive testing (aka enjoying many cocktails), Modica officially launched in November 2020 with  three original flavors: Cucumber Aloe Margarita, Turmeric Ginger Mule, and Tart Cherry Old Fashioned. As the company grew, they introduced two new flavors: Blueberry Lavender Lemon Drop and Cacao Espresso Martini.

However, creating delicious mixers wasn’t their only challenge. Naming their brand, they recall, took time. Modica came about as the word is derived from “modicum,” which means a small amount of a great thing. “We feel like everyone deserves something great (and great for you) every day, whether that’s a cocktail or a mocktail,” said Wentworth.

The two also created their product with sustainability in mind, with their mixers proudly packaged in fully recyclable glass bottles. Customers have taken that to heart, often finding crafty ways to up-cycle the bottles, using them as vases for weddings or creative DIY projects.

Modica products are currently available in 100 locations across 11 states, with Wentworth and Mitchell eager to expand their reach.


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