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Bringing the New Bubbly to Louisville

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Louisville, Kentucky may be known for its bourbon, but brothers Clay and Braxton Turner are mixing things up with another kind of spirit: Spiked seltzer.

After the specialty brand became increasingly popular during the pandemic, the Turner brothers decided to get in on a piece of the action. “Braxton was interested in opening a business, and we both really enjoy seltzer. At the time there were only three seltzeries in the United States, and we wanted to open our own,” said Clay.

The duo, who are Massachusetts natives, are not your typical bar owners. Clay is a neurologist and Braxton is a businessman. The Local Seltzery is a creative endeavor. “I’ve always been interested in mixology,” said Clay. “Coming out of Covid, we thought this could be a great way for people to enjoy a unique experience together.” The Local Seltzery officially opened on East Main Street in Louisville in November 2021.

While existing seltzer brands can be refreshing, they tend to have an unpleasant aftertaste, according to Clay. Their difference? To  provide a cleaner taste to a malt beverage. To that end,  The Local Seltzery crafts all its flavors in-house. The Turner brothers pride themselves on producing clean, all-natural products with creative  flavors. They also offer various options, including vegan, gluten-free and low-carb products. Customers can also make their cocktails non-alcoholic.

The flavors rotate seasonally, allowing customers to experience a variety of tastes. “In the winter, our cranberry ginger seltzer with a vodka base is the most popular,” said Clay. Another popular option is allowing people to build their own seltzer. Customers can customize by choosing from a selection of alcohol bases (vodka, tequila, rum, etc.) and mixing that with one of a dozen unique flavors. Popular choices include cotton candy, blueberry cobbler and pomegranate elderflower. “Our products redefine the limitations of store-bought seltzers,” Clay explained.

In addition to refreshing drinks, The Local Seltzery brings a bright, energetic vibe to Louisville. “We wanted a space that matches our product,” said Clay. It features a roll-up garage door for outdoor recreation during spring and summer. The building is a high, open-air structure with a partial mezzanine level for private groups and events.

All of which makes it great for parties. Because the two are passionate about giving back to their community, they’ve used the space for numerous events which benefit local charities such as ovarian cancer research and LGBTQ+ rights. And, every Sunday, 10% of their profits go towards the Kentucky Humane Society.

As for what’s in store for the future, the Turner brothers plan to experiment with new flavors. They are also looking to broaden their menu to include non-carbonated cocktails. And, of course, as their business develops, they plan to remain philanthropic.


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