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Tastemade Turns to the Shelves with Their First Cookbook

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The global media company Tastemade is known for its shows with personable hosts like Top Chef’s Dale Talde and former NFL player Derrell Smith, sharing unique experiences and recipes by professional and amateur cooks from around the world. Now they’ve combined their strengths into their first cookbook entitled Make This Tonight, featuring 100 new recipes suitable for both novice and seasoned home cooks.

The book is arranged by main ingredient, covering vegetables, eggs, fish and shellfish, poultry and pork, beef and lamb, pasta and grains, chocolate, sweets and, for those who like a project, preservation and fermentation.

Hawaii-Style Macaroni Salad

Looking to start the morning off in a different time zone? Try the Khai Jiao Thai Omelet. Follow that with Cheesy Bubble and Squeak for lunch, then end the day with Simple Smash Burgers and maybe a side of Hawaii-Style Macaroni Salad. The 100 dishes in the book can easily be combined into menus for easy family meals, elaborate dorm room dinner parties or holiday celebrations.

The book also caters to cooks of all levels. Kitchen novice? The aforementioned Bubble and Squeak recipe includes an explainer on how to steam vegetables. Plus, easy desserts like Chocolate Banana Pops are low effort, high reward treats that let you get creative in the kitchen and gain the confidence to try more involved recipes like the Fresh Tagliatelle with Mint Pesto and Shrimp (handmade pasta!).

vegan chocolate cake

There are plenty of novel ideas for cookbook aficionados who think they’ve seen it all: Challah Chicken “Pot Pie” anyone? The recipe headnotes give cultural context, ingredient explanations, substitution opportunities and pairing suggestions so you can really make these recipes your own. Plus, if you never got into sourdough during the pandemic, there are detailed instructions on how to cultivate your own starter before baking up a Rosemary-Honey Sourdough Loaf. Or there’s always homemade Limoncello!


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