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Take A Walk On The Wild Side At This Omaha Cafe


It’s a whole new world at Edge of the Universe in Omaha. The café, which opened in Oct. 2020, is built on the notion of honoring every walk of life.

“Edge of the Universe comes from the concept that if we all stood at the edge of the universe, we’d all be equal to one another, so everyone that comes in should feel equally welcomed here,” said Rachel Evans who owns the spot. “We also make a point to say that you don’t need to buy anything to be here. We welcome all persons to come in and find joy and peace. Along with something delicious to drink, too.”

Before opening Edge of the Universe, Evans had a background in museum creation, so it was natural to create a community space that honored that background. Every few months Evans and her eight part-time staff workers create new themes and events by changing the decor and curating a new menu around that theme.

“We always have the next three to four themes picked out, so when we go to antique stores or thrift shops, we can always keep an eye out for something good,” said Evans. “We work with local artists and volunteers on the new concepts. It’s always a group effort for everyone to make a new theme.”

Themes in the past have included “Happily Ever After, Starry Starry Night, Hawaiian Disco, and Witches Brew.” The current theme is “Spectacular Spectacular,” a Parisian Moulin Rouge mix with what Evans called “flirty fun; lots of reds, golds and pinks.”

“We have a new cocktail line for the new theme: Babydoll, Mona, Leo, Satine and Viviane,” said Evans. “We get all our dessert items from Veg. Edible, Conscious Comforts and Baked by Sweet Melissa. [Our menu includes] various cupcakes, cakes, doughnuts, pop tarts and macaroons.”

The cafĂ©, located at the edge of Omaha’s Benson neighborhood, was named Edge of the Universe “because no one is alien at the edge of the universe.” They encourage every patron of this cafe to “come as you are, or as you’d like to be.”

“It is important to me that all persons know this is our ideology because of a book I read years ago called ‘A Palace For The People,'” said Evans. “It discussed the crucial role that libraries have in communities and how people need a place to congregate. I desire [for Edge of the Universe] to be that place here in Omaha.”


Allanah Dykes

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