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Secret Congee: Culinary Comfort in a Bowl in Seattle

ten bowls of congee with assorted toppings

Newly opened this past October, the secret is out about Secret Congee in Seattle. The takeout-only stand offers up the Southeast Asian comfort food inside Juisala, a healthfood hotspot serving up fresh juice in the Wallingford section of the city. What exactly is Congee, you ask?

By simple definition, it is a Chinese rice porridge often served for breakfast in numerous nations across the Pacific. It is prepared by boiling rice until it takes on a creamy texture and is commonly made with chicken broth in lieu of water for more flavoring. According to Secret Congee’s manager JP, “While billions of people eat it daily in Asian countries, congee deserves better recognition in the US.”

a bowl of congee with fried dough

While common toppings for the porridge include shredded chicken, seafood and fresh herbs, JP notes that the popular Asian porridge is like “a canvas for many chefs.” He notes that “a place that specializes in congee certainly allows for some novelty and culinary creativity.”

At Secret Congee, they certainly do use creativity in creating a canvas of flavors with their delectable flavor combinations. Their most popular porridge pairings? Braised pork belly, tom yum shrimp, garlic blue crab and slow-cooked beef and kimchi. The miso-roasted Kabocha squash and wild mushroom offering is both vegan and gluten-free. They also have an original congee, made with chicken broth and shredded chicken. For a bit of crunch, top your congee off with Secret Congee’s take on traditional Chinese fried dough.

mis congee with mushrooms

congee with kimchi










Creamy comfort packed with flavor in a bowl? Count us in for a trip to Secret Congee, which Eater Seattle has already dubbed as an “intriguing addition to the neighborhood.” This is definitely one secret that won’t stay quiet for long. Secret Congee…shhhhhh.


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