Portland, OR
Portland, OR

Buttermilk Pancakes (GF)

Bar West

Buttermilk Pancakes (GF)

Bar West
1221 NW 21st Avenue
Portland, Oregon, 97209
(503) 208-2852

If Bar West’s brunch said “jump,” I’d say “how high?” It is gluten-free heaven! Whether you are gluten-free or not, these Almond Buttermilk Pancakes are just phenomenal. The texture? Cooked just perfectly – fluffy on the inside with a bit of a crisp on the outside. The mixture of the smooth and sweet marionberry preserves with the crunchy toasted and candied almonds is perfection. Then throw the whip on top and BOOM – you’ve got yourself an amazing dish. Although it has many sweet components to it, the pancakes were never too sweet. I left brunch feeling ready to take on the day (maybe that was the weekend coffee talking) and not bogged down by a sugar crash. Excited to try their dinner next.


Hailey Wilson

Hailey Wilson is a Jane of all trades –– a mindset + life coach, an account coordinator at DICE and a food journalist, for whom food is fuel. She is (mostly) gluten free, unless there is a dessert that is irresistible.


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