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This Local Grower is Providing Greens to Charleston’s Finest Eateries

Garrett Fleming

The soothing sounds of cascading water greet you upon walking into Garret Fleming’s backyard, along with the sight of vertical towers of microgreens and lettuces in every color. It is unexpectedly pleasant. The lettuce and greens are beautifully healthy and crunchy, as evidenced by a sample Fleming offered upon our meeting, right off the growing tower. He is the owner and founder of Ghost Grow 843, a local Charleston produce purveyor to the restaurants, businesses and residents in the area.

A farmer at heart, Fleming tried his hand at working for others, but decided his passion for growing and providing the best quality produce would serve him well as he went out on his own to begin a home -based operation. “As I began providing lettuces to people, the feedback was so positive. I started Ghost Grow 843 in 2022, having relocated from Los Angeles to Charleston. I was driven to pursue my dream as a produce grower.”

After leaving his job, Fleming’s employer begged him to return and simultaneously, his son was born by emergency C section. He chose to be at home to help, so that decision was made without looking back. “The pull of fatherhood and supporting my family was undeniable and more important than the job,” he said. He has not regretted the choice and the business is growing so quickly that he plans on opening a brick and mortar site this year.

Ghost Grow 843 offers lettuces: arugula, green leaf, butter and others, as well as broccoli, kale, radish, spicy mix, rainbow beet, red painted mizuna, tatsoi and colorful mustards. Along with the microgreens are specialty micros which enjoy an added flavor intensity. All product is grown from seeds that are non GMO and organic.

Because the Charleston restaurant industry is an internationally recognized one, it motivates local chefs to be on the lookout for a new way to provide top quality ingredients in a locally sourced, ultimately fresh manner that is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Fleming’s greens have a 7-14 day shelf life due to their root ball which can stay in refrigerated fresh water. His lettuces and greens are the choice of many restaurants and other suppliers because his prices are half that of most. Some of the local restaurants he supplies include 167 Sushi Bar, Husk, Herd Provisions, Sushi Wa, and Stars Rooftop. The business supplies its offerings to approximately 75% of restaurants, 20% CSAs, and 5% residential.

While it is slightly different for colder months, the seasons rarely affect the growing cycle, according to Fleming. The rapid growing cycle of hydroponics allows for Fleming to maximize space and seedlings to harvest earlier. The mix of liquid food that is fed via the vertical towers recirculating watering system allows for a nutrient dense, bio-dynamically healthier product. Essentially, diners are eating a plant that is alive, as the feed contains nitrogen potassium phosphorous and calcium nitrate with a pH stabilizer to grow faster.

For Fleming, the perks of owning and operating his own produce growing company are worth more than money. “I have complete freedom to run my business to top standards, as well as being a good Dad with boots on the ground at home,” he says. Meanwhile Ghost Grow 843 is contributing to Charleston’s food revolution and providing quality produce at a fair price.


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