Charlotte, NC
Charlotte, NC

Smoked Duck Breast


Smoked Duck Breast

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Charlotte, North Carolina

I had hit my limit. Two weeks ago my husband and I sat down for our weekly “Takeout Date Night” only to be underwhelmed. Again. When my friends clued me in to L’Ostrica, I was intrigued. Crazy delicious sounding tasting menu. All delivered to my door? IN. Everything arrived expertly packaged. The menu and assembly instructions were printed on beautiful, heavy card stock. We not only had a blast taking our time through the courses, but faced off in an impromptu plating contest as well. Blame it on the wine! The highlight for us was the duck breast bruschetta. Oven-warmed crostini, smeared with homemade ricotta, topped with deliciously tart mushrooms, and seared smoked duck breast to top it all off. It was light, yet decadent. An exceptional way to start the meal. Takeout Date Night not only salvaged, but taken to the next level.


Ellen Christiansen

By day, Ellen helps people get jobs. The rest of her time is spent researching restaurants, dreaming of food, and indoctrinating her 2-year old into foodie-dom. Happiness is going all out on a Tuesday night restaurant reservation.


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