Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland

Crab Cake Cone

Gypsy's Truckstaurant

Crab Cake Cone

Gypsy's Truckstaurant
3515 Clipper Mill Rd, Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland, 21211
(443) 869-5602

Crab Cake Cone? Yes please. And make it two! The Gypsy Truckstaurant has re-invented the Maryland crab cake with its seven ounces of lump crab meat nestled in a waffle cone, laced with garlic Old Bay, hand-cut fries, and the restaurant’s homed-made chipotle aioli. This delightful creation, with just the right amount of kick, makes you feel like a kid with an ice cream cone, as you debate what to bite into first: crab cake or fries. The décor, a cross between New Orleans meets Roadhouse Antiques meets Baltimore funk  only makes you love it more. If they only bottled the chipotle aioli, life would be perfect.


Mitch Barnett

Mitch is a businessman by day and life-long lover of food, drink and the relationships that go with it, by night. A DC transplant to the Orlando area, he travels 50,000 miles a year and eats out way too much! He's good with fish to fowl, veggie to vegan, and has a special love affair with all things soup.



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