Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA

Chicken Salad Plate

Diane's Sidewalk Deli

Chicken Salad Plate

Diane's Sidewalk Deli
500 Chesterbrook Blvd.
Wayne, Pennsylvania, 19087
(610) 296-9955

Sometimes you just get lucky. Flying into Philly, and before jumping into a meeting, I had to eat. There was a shopping center around the corner from my hotel with an unassuming-looking deli. I arrived five minutes prior to closing and asked if it would be okay ordering something that didn’t require an oven or stove. I looked at a well-varied menu and went for the chicken salad plate. My server asked if I wanted a small or a large. I said large. Oh my!  I have never seen so much food on one plate. There had to be nearly a pound of chicken, and another pound of homemade egg potato salad and coleslaw.  All delicious, and enough for hotel late night snacks for the week. We love those lucky finds.


Mitch Barnett

Mitch is a businessman by day and life-long lover of food, drink and the relationships that go with it, by night. A DC transplant to the Orlando area, he travels 50,000 miles a year and eats out way too much! He's good with fish to fowl, veggie to vegan, and has a special love affair with all things soup.


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