Washington, DC
Washington, DC

The Philly Special

Grazie Grazie

The Philly Special

Grazie Grazie
85 District Square SW
Washington, DC, 20024
(202) 216-2999

Occasionally I taste a sandwich and instantly know that it’s no ordinary sandwich. This afternoon at the Wharf started off normally, but little did I know I would be teleported straight to the city of brotherly love. To say it was love at first bite is an understatement. Every layer and detail, from the sesame seed-speckled hoagie bread to the grass-fed, shaved rib-eye coated generously in cooper sharp cheese, had its place. The cherry pepper aioli and tomato and onion offered a respite from the cheesy beef, helping the sub to shine brilliantly in unprecedented sandwich equilibrium. Grazie Grazie is a neighborhood Italian deli that works magic in the form of a sandwich. Will it grant you three wishes? Maybe not, but if a moment in Philly is what you are looking for, then the Philly Special has got you covered!


Sandie S

I’m a scientist by trade, but a foodie at heart, based out of the DC Metropolitan area. I love to travel, and am always looking to make connections over local food. Check out my food diary on Instagram and don’t be afraid to say hello!



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