Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN

Skip’s Big Dog Classic

Skip's Links Hot Dogs

Skip’s Big Dog Classic

Skip's Links Hot Dogs
Lowe's, Food Cart
1301 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, Tennessee, 37066

As I hurriedly entered Lowe’s, I wondered where I would find the time for lunch. However, the aroma of hot dogs quickly answered that question. There was one of Skip’s Links hot dog carts by the entry. Score! Skip features a “Big Dog” and a “Little Dog,” both all beef or a polish sausage for the pork lover in you. One reason the franks are so good is precise grilling which results in that perfect POP as you bite through the skin. Beneath it lies a juicy, flavor-packed dog with a nice spicing. As far as condiments go, all the usual suspects were present but with an addition, freshly grilled peppers and onions still with some fight in them. The next time you find a Skip’s Links dog, devour it!


Brad Blankenship

Brad Blankenship is a retired integrative medicine doctor who has resided in Nashville for over 50 years. He, along with his wife Lulu Burns-Keller travel the US in search of new flavors. Together, they write, photograph and review for Beyondish in the Nashville area and beyond.


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