Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas, NV

Señorita Bread

Starbread Las Vegas

Señorita Bread

Starbread Las Vegas
2381 E Windmill Lane
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89123
(702) 260-4803

Originating in California, Star Bakery has but one location in Las Vegas and it’s been here for only a couple of years. Not exactly easy to find, social media has pointed residents to this tiny storefront buried in one of Henderson’s ubiquitous plazas. Fans wait in line however long it takes for the star of Star Bakery: Señorita Bread. It looks like a fresh hot dog roll. Its composition is simple—bread covered with a butter and sugar topping—but the smell will be a test of all your wills as you hustle it home (it’s strictly a takeout joint, but you would not be judged for inhaling whilst still in the parking lot). You can get a box of five pieces, or up to sixty, ordering in increments of five. Whatever you do, order at least five more than you think you want. You’ll be grateful later.


Kimberly Mintz

A creative writer, researcher, and travel buff, my work has appeared in multiple print and online publications including MapQuest Travel, LovetoKnow, and Medium. I moved from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas at the end of 2020 and am in the process of discovering all the great food the city has to offer - especially the hidden gems.




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