Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL

Salmon Fumée

Financier Bistro & Bar à Vin

Salmon Fumée

Financier Bistro & Bar à Vin
212 N. Park Avenue
Winter Park, Florida, 32789
(321) 972-2284

NYC’s Financier Patisseries may be gone, yet the concept lives on, and evolves, in the Orlando suburb of Winter Park. After transplanting himself to Central Florida, Executive Chef/GM Théo Goupil fruitlessly searched the market for worthy smoked salmon to use on the menu which, post-pandemic, has evolved into a tidy compendium of lunchtime bistro classics. He finally landed on a New Jersey supplier who ships down a silky, thin-cut, never-fishy smoked salmon to the indoor-outdoor space along the upscale retail strip known as Park Avenue. Goupil loads that satiny stuff onto toasted sourdough bread along with “copious amounts of crème fraiche” plus thinly sliced cucumber, dill and lemon juice.


Rona Gindin

Orlando-based food critic, writer, blogger and editor. World traveler. #orlandohonestly #ronarecommends



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