Boston, MA
Boston, MA

Roasted Meringue Cloud

Tatte Bakery and Cafe

Roasted Meringue Cloud

Tatte Bakery and Cafe
160 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts, 02115
(617) 655-7800

I wanted to try this dessert both because it looked gorgeous and because it is the official Bakes for Breast Cancer dessert of Tatte. All proceeds go toward breast cancer research! Tatte was wise to choose this “cloud” as their BFBC dessert because it tastes as good as it looks. It is crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside — the ideal meringue-y balance and a hard one to strike. It also avoids the common meringue pitfall of being overpoweringly sweet. Make no mistake, this is a sweet dessert! If you don’t like frosting or dulce de leche, Tatte’s cloud is not for you. But it fits this high sweetness profile without being sugary to the point of unpleasantness. As a result, you can actually taste (subtly) the vanilla in the meringue and the roasted strawberry with which it is swirled. Please give this dessert a try.


Emma Adler

I eat everything within reach of the Boston area.



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