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Panna Cotta


Panna Cotta

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It’s one of the most popular Italian desserts and it is rich and decadent and delicious. It’s the panna cotta of course. Similar to a flan (but much lighter), or crème caramel (which has thickened eggs), it’s easy to make, but hard to perfect. Getting the perfect consistency so that it is silky and creamy is the trick. So I’d rather let Operacaffe make it for me. After owning a restaurant in the heart of Florence, safe to say that this family recipe is spot-on amazing. Especially with fresh berries and a libation on the side. Perfect for Valentine’s day – or just about any other day of the year.


Darryl Gordon

People consume food, however, I think that food consumes me - through cooking, dining out, travel and entertainment. For 25 years, I have covered the food industry: dining out at restaurants, cooking, interviewing chefs, and finding quality items to use as ingredients when cooking for my family and friends.


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