Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA

Orrechiette con Salisiccia


Orrechiette con Salisiccia

7600 Greenhaven Drive#23
Sacramento, California, 95831

We spent our “luna di miele” eating our way through Tuscany guided by two local friends who sent us down hidden alleys to magical trattorias where we were served whatever deliciousness was being cooked that night. A meal from Cacio, a mom and pop shop in the pocket area of Sacramento (a short drive from downtown) reminded us of those Tuscan nights. Authentic and unfussy Italian with generous portions and fresh, flavorful ingredients that went perfectly with our tinto fino. Cacio’s new menu is revealed at noon every Tuesday – Saturday, so order quickly before they sell out for the night. Our favorite was the Orrechiette con Salisiccia e Rapini –  little ears of pasta done just right, surrounded by flavorful house-made sausage that blended perfectly with slivers of sassy rabe and dots of hot red peppers. We also enjoyed chowing down on the Trenne con Funghi e Spinaci, a unique triangle-shaped pasta that was super-fun to bite into, surrounded by an herbalicious, mushroom-y, pancetta sauce. We were greeted like treasured old friends when we picked up our food, just as we felt in those Tuscan Trattorias. That aura of savory harmony was present in every aspect of the Cacio experience.


Carla Weiss

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