Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ

Nova Lox Platter


Nova Lox Platter

9301 East Shea Blvd.
Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260
(480) 860-0475

The nova lox smoked salmon platter at Chompie’s (with multiple locations in the Phoenix area) is one of my favorites. All the fixin’s are served on a platter like this for you to assemble onto your bagel of choice. They have over 20 different bagel options, but I usually choose onion or everything. I spread chive cream cheese on the bagel, then top it with tomatoes, red onion, and lox. I dip the cucumbers in the leftover cream cheese when I finish. It is so refreshing and light on a hot summer day.


Sarah Winkelman

Founder of @phoenix_fixins_ on Instagram, Sarah is a high school math teacher by day and foodie and recipe creator by night. She credits her love of cooking to her grandma and dad, and as a Chicago native and Phoenix transplant, loves to eat out in both of her hometowns.


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