San Diego, CA
San Diego, CA

Mozzarella Rolls

Siamo Napoli

Mozzarella Rolls

Siamo Napoli
3959 30th Street
San Diego, California, 92104
(619) 310-6981

Truth be told, I think I am quite a good cook, but when I dine out and enjoy a dish like this homemade stretched mozzarella rolls stuffed with artichokes, cherry tomatoes, green olives from Sicily, prosciutto, EVOO, truffle porcini and balsamic reduction from Siamo Napoli in North Park, then I realize that I ought to stick to taking photos and videos, and writing about the yummy dishes that the pros make.


Darryl Gordon

People consume food, however, I think that food consumes me - through cooking, dining out, travel and entertainment. For 25 years, I have covered the food industry: dining out at restaurants, cooking, interviewing chefs, and finding quality items to use as ingredients when cooking for my family and friends.


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