Bethesda, MD
Bethesda, MD

Khao Soi Special Ramen

Oishii Ramen Cafe

Khao Soi Special Ramen

Oishii Ramen Cafe
4901 Fairmont Avenue
Bethesda, Maryland, 20814

Fusion foods comes in many flavors. Khao Soi is one of my favorite noodle dishes from Southeast Asia, so I was fascinated to see it on a Japanese ramen shop menu. When I received my order, a treasure trove of ingredients filled my bowl. In a coconut milk chicken broth there were pickled greens, red onions, scallions, crispy noodles, and a chicken leg, with a lime wedge and extra chili oil on the side. A self-proclaimed carb connoisseur, I am always delighted to have noodles on top of my noodles. The use of ramen in this dish was a flavor and texture adventure! Every bite had a slightly different flavor combination, and the ramen noodle was the perfect vehicle for the rich broth. If you’re searching for ramen with a delicious south Asian twist, check out Oishii Ramen in Bethesda, MD.


Sandie S

I’m a scientist by trade, but a foodie at heart, based out of the DC Metropolitan area. I love to travel, and am always looking to make connections over local food. Check out my food diary on Instagram and don’t be afraid to say hello!



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