Washington, DC
Washington, DC

Hotpot Bibimbop

54 Restaurant

Hotpot Bibimbop

54 Restaurant
6795 Springfield Mall
Springfield, Virgina, 22150
(703) 313-9500

Heaven! Vegetables and Bulgogi over rice with Gochujang and a fried egg in a hot pot. This dish is filled with so much flavor! Served sizzling and hot, the aroma is simply alluring. The first bite will definitely keep you from participating in any table convos because you will be too busy finishing it. It’s a must try and definitely one of my favorites from this restaurant. Every bite will  make you close your eyes and savor the experience. The appetizers are also amazing. The waffle fries topped with Bulgogi and jalapeño peppers and spicy mayo were drool-worthy. You definitely have to share because of the amount given. If you’re in the DC area, 54 Restaurant at the Springfield Mall is a MUST!


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Digital creator, chef, food blogger. I love everything about food and decided to quit my corporate job to focus on creating recipes and dishes from around the world and of course baking. As a military brat, I spent years living in Korea and fell in love with the cuisine. I create a southern- Asian fusion with most meals as most of my family is from Georgia. Food is an creative expression of love.




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